Cherry Pie Glue is a super cross containing Gorilla Glue #4 and one of my all time favorite strains Cherry Pie. Producing big sticky buds that smell of cherries and gas this will become an instant hit. Plants are having more pm resistance than either parent strain which is a great advantage here in Eugene. This is a fem cross and will be back in stock first of the year.

(Swamp Wrecked #7 x 98 Blue Moonshine)

Cherry Pie Glue

Doc's Dank Seeds

Rum Bayou is my baby and one of our top crosses. This is a fem cross of my Swamp Wrecked #7 ( Purple Wreck x Og Kush ) and a cut of Blue Moonshine I can track to 98. Producing some of the finest ganja you will ever have the pleasure to smoke. A medium to heavy yielder and no slouch when it comes to frost. The smell and quality of high though are the real winners.  This cross will be back in stock first of the year.   

Featured in march 2016 Pic of the crop High Times Magazine

Rum Bayou

(GG#4 x Cherry Pie)