Doc's Dank Seeds

Smokejumper OG

The Dr Who was another gift from my friend Durzil. It and the TPD where the stand outs of the several males he passed on to me. The offspring from him are showing great vigor and cant wait to see what dank is to come! 

Triple Purple Doja Mix

Doja Crosses

The perfect purple storm! The cross of the Black Sour Bubble / Caseyband x White Rhino mom and the Triple Purple Doja dad have created a strain giving up 100% purple on the test run. Heavy yielder of the darkest genetically purple buds stinking of dark dank grapes ranging to super sour grapes.

This cross just released and has already been featured on High Times Instagram feed

This is another male that got pushed back and finally getting his day. This is one of the nicest most stable male I have seen. Soon he will see the SFV Og BX3, Hells, Old Family Purple, Woody og and many more of my moms.

Triple Doja Dog = 91 chem x TPD

Triple Purple Pie = Cherry Pie x TPD

Dagda Mor = Hells Og x TPD

Ellcrys = 89 Romulan x TPD

​TP Larry = Larry B x TPD

Blueberry haze x Bubble&Squeak

NEW Males In Testing

The Triple Purple Doja male was bred by Quest genetics and gifted to me by my good friend Durzil. The doja stud is being used to breed purple in to many of my best moms. I have him saved and have began to release the crosses he has produced as well as a random mix of the Doja crosses 


Dr. Who

Sfv Og x Fireballs F3

Future Fire

Purple Creek = Bear Creek Kush x TPD

Purple Bayou = Rum Bayou x TPD

​California Raisins ​= Grape Ape x TPD

Tea Cake = Mystery Cookies x TPD

Purple Rosin Producer

Crazy Train x Superstious

(Double Purple Doja x Black Cherry Dojo)

Triple Purple Rhino

On our trip out west we stopped for two days in Humboldt Redwood State Park. While there I had the opportunity to meet Whodatnation  and he gifted me a large bag of ? purple crosses. The ?P clone was most likely Blueberry Haze he seeded with several males including Bubble & Squeak. I am liking the looks of this male and love the blueberry cheesecake smell of this strain. 

(Black Sour Bubble / Caseyband / White Rhino x Triple Purple Doja)

Bred by Bigworm I have had this guy stashed all summer and am finally getting a chance to play with him. He is quit the looker and  cant wait to see what comes.

Super Crazy